Saturday, December 17, 2005

Why I love Texas

Its the wierd random things that happen that make me love Texas so much.

Like going to a party at a friend's house and standing out on their back porch with a smokey fire, chattin' about whatever comes to mind, and having a huge hoot owl glide right above your head, a dark ethereal shadow against the moonlight.

Going to Lowe's to get yet MORE shit for your yard work, and the guy who works in electrical starts telling you a story about the time he was dove huntin' and he was walkin' across t'road, carryin' a turkey he just shot, when he almost stepped on a six foot rattler. It scared him so much he dropped the turkey. Then he got to his senses, shot the rattler and it's now mounted on his wall. But boy was he shakin' when he shot that mother.

Hanging out with your friend Karla may on her back deck, you come up withh a new term: Cousband. That's you know, when you marry your cousin and now he's your cousband? Then you both laugh so hard you have to pee.

Meeting a woman you've never even seen before in your whole life going into the Starbucks, and you recognize in each other kindred sartorial souls, and have a nice little chat about having curly hair, fabulous accessories, and ohmigod WHERE did you get that skirt? Ditto going into that self same Starbucks (admittedly slightly pissed off that yet ANOTHER tiny blonde woman in a very large SUV nearly creamed you once again leaving you to wonder why is it that the smallest people always have the largest cars?) and having the purple haired barrista holler out your drink at you when you walk in, and it's ready even before you pay.

Shootin' the shit with the other folks lookin' at paint chips in the paint store, and SWEARING that you've seen each other before, and naming names of friends of friends, and knowing people in the same circles, but that still isn't quite right, maybe we know each other through some non-profit or other? but you still can't quite work it out, but you KNOW you know each other, and that color is great, my friend has it in her house, and you have a great day, y'all, y' hear?

Texas fucking rocks.

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