Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Weather man playing jokes on me

Well shit!

Today in Austin we are supposed to have sleet, freezing rain and other assorted Norwegian style weather. Really, what the fuck? I came here to escape this shit!

Luckily, my Mom gave me a coat when I was in Missouri, and it's coming in handy. A nice warm camel hair coat, it's pretty old but classic, and I totally love it. Warm and cozy wrap-around style. Big pockets. Nice.

I'm at the library and there is a guy sitting next to me making rumbly noises in his throat, like he's about to hawk up a huge loogy. It's pretty nasty. And yes, I have not bought the mac yet, I promised my brother's friend Rob (a techie) a chance to check out my computer to see if he can do anything with it. It's really sweet of him, it's been bugging him that I am having such problems connecting and he calls me at random times with "What if's?" and possible solutions. Main problem is that it's hard to fix a computer that won't go online when you have no internet connection at your house...thus no way to check if your solutions have worked or not. Grrr....rock? Hard place?

I've been looking for a little temp job. I had an interview at a shop at the mall, just a trendy store, you'd know it instantly if I told you which one. But, having lived in Norway, I think I might have overpriced myself for the American market. I named what I thought was a fair hourly salary, taking into account temp status, but I guess it was too high as I have not heard from them. I'll give it another day, then call them, I guess. It would be fun to do something, plus they'd give me a 30% discount.

A freind of mine also wants to use me to help her decorate her new, HUGE house, so that sounds like a fun project.

I spend most of the past couple of days at Home Depot and such places, getting things to fix the house with. New light fixtures, new door locks, etc. I'm surprised how inexpensive things are, relatively. I'm so used to things being expensive and very precious, with not much choice or variety, that it astounds me to walk into Home Depot and see row upon row of light fixtures and stuff, and at such low prices it's just plain wierd. So I splurged on a new toilet seat and a light fixture for the dining room. The one we have it still from the fifties and I have never liked it.

Rich was in Egypt for work last week and sent an email describing his experiences. I think I'll post that here as well, because it's really interesting what he did.

That's all for now!

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