Saturday, December 31, 2005

beers, steers and...a correction

First of all:

I may have misled some of you to think that we are moving back to Texas. We will, eventually. I'm hoping for a year or two. (Unless we get sent to England, a place I've always felt i needed to live for at least a year, just to sort of fulfill a life's goal.) But no. We are not moving back JUST YET. I'm just getting the house into a better place, so that I don't worry about it. I have potential renters coming to see it today, for the "landlord meets the people and pet" interview.

Now for the fun stuff.

Yesterday I got to ride ouut to Lockhart on my friend Julia's motorcycle. It was fun. Well, at first I was terrified, having not been on a motorcycle since i was 18 and bulletproof. Mow I'm older, wiser and scareder and I could actually visualize the pain of my kneecaps beeing rubbed off by the asphalt roads. I got over that after a few turns and twists and had a great time being Julia's bitch on the back of the bike. I was all waving at the harley guys and shit, it was cool. I was a bit bummed that I was wearing little camel colored loafers instead of my boots, as it killed the cool a bit, but hey, you can't have everything.

In Lockhart is an old traditional Texas bbq joint, Kreuz's. Smokey, open pit fires everywhere. Rolls of paper towels on the table. Basic as can be. Kreuz's is legendary for serving you the meat on paper, with no forks ("those are the things on the ends of your arms"), no sauce ("we ain't got nothin' to hide"), and no salads ("remember no forks?"). I got some spareribs, a piece of prime rib and some sausage. Ever eaten prime rib with nothin' but a plastic knife and some white white bread? Interesting to say the least. I'd love to see how most europeans would handle all that food with no fork. In fact, they laugh at you at Kreuz's if you ask for one. I used lots of paper towels.

But damn it was GOOD. The spareribs were the absolute best I've ever had. Bar none. Sometimes I was wishing for Salt Lick bbq sauce, but you really don't need any extra flavor on those ribs. The prime rib was tender, rarish and yummylicious. The sausage was ok, a bit too soft for my taste, but the flavor was good. All in all, it was a great way to spend and afternoon...out in the open air on a Honda Sahdow with one of my best buds, eatin' bbq with more good friends, and generally enjoying that uniquely Texan way of doing things.

After that, lucky girl that I am, I had a massage. I did sort of feel sorry for Tony, the masseuse, as I had onion breath something HORRIBLE. he said he's smelled worse. I believe him.

Here's wishing everyone a happy happy new year. Rich I love you and sorry I'm not with you. We'll be together soon.

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