Tuesday, December 13, 2005

mall life

I went into the MAC store today to ask a stupid newbie question and the guy I bought the computer from was there. He saw me and yelled my name across the store (it was packed) and I now have a new best friend. He invited me to see his band on NYE. I think everyone in austin is either in a band or has a blog. Seriously. Some have both.

But he answered my question (about getting an application icon to stay on the dock) and I am rolling right along. Some stuff about the mac I really like, some leaves me scratching my head confusedly, and dammit I miss right click like my thumb has been remover. mac people seem pretty cool, like it's a cult, but a cult of cool kids that I got to join after spending alot on entry fees...someone told me I look like a mac perrson. Not sure what that means, but I am going to assume it means I am kick ass.

My refrigerator is making knocking nosies. Is someone in there?

I'm very tired from a long day at work. My feet are killing me. But I gotta say, working at a store is just like I remember. The folks at this one are particularly nice and I like the general way the company does things. there is one annoying kid who works there, let's call him Josh, not his real name (yes it is) and he bugs me. One of those officious types who keeps trying to keep me busy and shit, like I don't know what to do. Josh, I was working in a shop when your mama was still wiping your ass, so I really don't think you need to ask me if I "need something to do" ok, Busy Boy? Thanks. Leave me alone and let me get on with it.

All in all, though I'm impressed by the way this company is run and how they treat employees. I would consider a management thing with them, if I wanted to go that route. Judging by my aching back and sore feet, however, I'm not 100% sure at this point!

The 50% discount will go a long way to keeping ne interested, for now.

Ok beddy bye time. zzzzzzzzz

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