Monday, December 26, 2005

It's a Euro Trash Christmas!

First let me say this: Rich I missed you! Sorry you had to be in Norway and me in Texas this you and see you soon!

Now, here are my rules and experiences for a true Euro Trash Christmas.

1) Get a really really big turkey and roast the hell out of it. When it pops early, drink a beer to get yourself into the mood to cook.

2)Both you and your brother should be wearing the clothes you slept in. My sole nod to vanity was to put on some deodorant. Bro skipped even that step. All we could smell was turkey anyhow.

3) Measuring cups are a useful item. However, if you don't have them, an empty Rolling Rock bottle works just fine. It's twelve ounces, just add or subtract a little to get to two cups or whatever.

4) Red plastic cups filled with Reisling are CLASSY.

5) Strong brothers are goood for hefting 25 lb turkeys out of ovens. However, they aren't so good at cutting those turkeys. We pretty much mangled that sucker. It runs in the family, though. My father has avoided carving any large meat with the excuse that he "failed carving in Boy Scouts". This excuse has worked in our family for the whole of my 37 year existence. I am always very impressed when I am at someone else's house and the man carves. Obviously, he passed carving.....

6) Minute mashed potatoes really do only take one minute.

And now for pictures:

The minimalist decoration of my living/dining room...

Slightly blurry photo of classy turkey and measuring bottle....

My brother and the turkey that was even BIGGER than his head. (He's a foot or so in front of the turkey, but believe me it was BIG!)

Damn I'm sexy in my cut off Levi's skirt and black camisol. Seriously is this an awesome Christmas get-up or what?

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