Thursday, December 22, 2005


So here's me all bein' coffee culture and shit.

i'm at Spiderhouse, this awesome coffeehouse in austin. It's in a funky old house, and it's got this great outdoor garden with brick and mosaic walkways, things dangling and clanking from the trees and mismatched lawn furniture. It's got free wireless, veggie quesadillas and beer AND coffee. A guy just walked in with two dogs, there's a girl over there with dreadlocks and a mac, and the dude sitting next to me looks perfectly content with his pack of Camels, his coffee adnd his book. He's Old Skool coffee culture.
It's a sunny mild day, in the mid sixties. The music being piped out into the garden is a mish mash of everything. A Korn style rappy headbanger thing just finished, and now it's reggae. Ive got a plate of veggie whole wheat quesadillas the size of a large pizza (well a large Norwegian pizza) and the top of it is covered in paprika. I take a bite of quesadilla, then spend five minutes cleaning off my fingers before I touch Whitey here. maybe a white computer is not the best thing for a slob such as I.

I need more napkins. and maybe a beer. Hey, it's slacker time, I can do what I want.

Bookhart, I apologize for being here without you......

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