Wednesday, December 07, 2005

10 minutes left

I totally forgot what I wanted to write about, but now I remember.

American TV. YOu see, I finally have cable. And I bought an air mattress to watch it on. And dudes, I am HAPPY.

I FINALLY got to see "My Name Is Earl" last night. LOVED it! I've been watching cheesy "What did we wear" shows about fashions in the 70's and 80's. Reruns of Scrubs are around somewhere I'm sure. And Veronica Mars, I must see more. And...and...the Office, American version, which is pretty kick ass and has Steve Carrell who I have a secret crush on because he's totally got a hairy chest and I like me the hairy chests. Tonight is the premier of the new "Project Runway". There's Dave and Jay and Jon and oh so much good night TV and then there's the channel flipping and the movies (and the rental place right up the street) and I swear I am in TV heaven.

Bravo and WE and Oh! and BBC AMerica, and Comedy Channel and VH1 and Discovery and NBC and local news and Cartoon and like, oh my god I am in heaven.

So now i am out of internet time. Dammit. Might as well go watch more TV.

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