Monday, December 12, 2005

not sure if this is ethically correct or not?

Ok so envision this:

I am currently standing in my front yard, under the magnolia tree, using my new teeny tiny little iBook G4 which is propped on the trunk of my car, and totally stealing the neighbor's wireless to do so. Is that wrong? Or is it the neighbor's bad that they haven't protected their wireless and so I can totally skank it, but only from my front yard? Whatever, dudes, I am online, in my yard and using a spanking new little cute computer I just got out of the box.

Dad is so proud. He always did raise me to be a rebel.

Um, I also got an iPod. I figure, in for a penny, in for a pound. Or, if I was in England, a helluva lotta pounds.

How do I pay for this, you ask? Why with my seasonal part time (though they've scheduled me every freaking day this week) job at the Trendy Store in the Mall. And I totally get a kick ass discount, but what with the debt I've just incurred buying Whitey, here, I won't buy that much.

Life, at this particular moment, is really fucking good.

My other computer just would not go wireless. My brother's friend Rob spent all day Sunday working on it to no avail. Oh well, it will be the home computer and this will be the fun little run around 'puter. While Rob geeked out on the computer, my brother and I indulged in some hung-over shoveling of very hard clay soil in my front yard in an abandoned attempt at building a french drain. That Austin clay soil is HARD. And shoveling on a hangover is not fun. I've got a guy to come finish the job this coming Saturday.

This past Saturday I had a reprise of the empty house party from 2002. A nice turn out, about 35 folks or so, all folks that I consider close friends. It was awesome. I got drunk. And, judging by the amount of beer bottles rattling around here, so did everyone else. I will take a picture of the aftermath soon so I can test out iPhoto and whatever the hell else I've got on this.

I've got a .Mac account, and the three year support package (worth it, anyone?) which they say will cover me in Norway as well, and I got the MS Office for macs (can't escape Microsoft, can you?) and an iPod and something else that came in a little cute box. I don't know what.

I gotta go. The neighbor just pulled up in his driveway and I don't want him to suspect I'm sheening his wireless. (I've always said i had a certain flexible morality....this certainly adds to that bendy way of looking at things....)

You'll be hearing from me more frequently long as the weather holds out and the neighbor doesn't find out!

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