Friday, December 30, 2005

moving right along.

The house has now gone from shades of yellow, and red dining room and a black bathroom, to shades of taupe and what I call baby shit brown, but it's actually quite nice. The kitchen is so white it's sort of painful, the bathroom is on it's way to the same sort of whiteness (but with the same pink and black tile) and it's pretty much looking like a new house.

I'm very pleased.
And very poor.

And I think I should either just move into Lowe's or give them direct and controlling access to my bank accounts, cuz damn, it's amazing how much money on can spend there. New mini-blinds, new hoses for the yard, more gravel for the front walk, etc etc. Cee-rap. Just keeps going.

But I keep reminding myself, soon we will be able to live in the house again, and won't it be nice to have all this taken care of ahead of time instead of having to do it once we get back? yes, yes it will.

Some pics of the house as it was......

I won't post pictures of the new improved until Rich sees it. I want him to be surprised......

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