Wednesday, December 21, 2005

7 minute post

I've got exactly 7 minutes before I'm considered late to work. I'll be typing fast.

My neighbors have figured out my larceny, or they are out of town, but whatever, I've been cut off. So instead I am in back of the store where i work, stealing internet from the store next door. Everyone here does it, I guess they have a deal with the neighbors. Lots of mac geeks here, too. I'm drinking a STarbucks mocha and eating Chik Fil A, it's sort of my own low rent Mall American coffeehouse. All the stock boys int he back are hollering and dancing to loud music and being the funny boys they are. Nice folks here, with one or two exceptions.

Damn this Christmas shopping thing is INSANE. The store is a tip, people are grabbing whatever they can, plus we've puut everything on sale and it's madness. Then people get mad when they come in and something is gone. I literally tell them, buy it when you see it, you can always return it, because likely it won't be here when you come back. That is NOT a sales ploy, it's the troof, baby. Buy it if you like it, return it later if you want. Specially if it's on sale.

Overheard in the mall yesterday, a woman on her cell phone. She was very sophisticated looking, but her accent was so thick Texan you could eat it with a spoon:

"Which chicken was it? Was it DEAD dead? Oh its head was gone? Aw shoot. Can you get Earl to look at the fence again?"

I almost bent over laughing. Quietly, of course.

Is it DEAD dead?

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