Friday, December 16, 2005

I rule

Seriously, I kick ass. Well, I would kick ass if I could move my head more than ninety degrees and if I could lift my left arm. And if my feet didn't hurt so fucking much. Retail is for young people, or summat. ARg.

Anyhow, I still kick ass, if lamely.

Days two and three of my McJob I have been the top seller both effing days. Uhhuh, yeah, you got that right. And one girl told me she really likes working with me because I am so friendly and helpful. Wasn't that sweet of her?

the deal is, I don't care if folks buy shit or not. And I will talk you OUT of something that does not look good. But damn it's fun to dress people. There's no commission or anything at the Trendy Mall Store, but they do keep track of sales. And I rule. Because I like to dress people and it's fun to talk and be busy, so they sense i have no agenda to sell sell selll!!!

For the first time in THREE years I have a job and I'm kinda liking it.

One wierd thing is that I have never sold guy's clothes before. (I used to dress mannequins and forms, so I totally know how guys clothes work and should coordinate...just not on live men!) So helping guys in the dressing room is a little wierd for me so far, only because I'm not sure HOW much help they want, and if a dude totally looks hot in something, should I tell him? I don't wanna cross any wierd lines or anything. I mean, saying something like "DAYUM you've got an ass that won't QUIT!" is probably not on, huh? Even though a guy told me that once at a store where I was buying jeans? I was flattered but uncomfortable, so I would assume a guy would think that too.......

One more day of running my ass off, then I have a weekend off. And oh how I have forgotten how good a well deserved weekend can feel.....

(even though I will be digging in the yard and trimming bushes....ow.)

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