Tuesday, January 03, 2006

removed too much funk?

Lemme first say that I am so glad i had the inside of the house painted. The trim is so gleaming white it's unbelievable. Windows that I used to just say "ick" whenever i looked at them are now so gorgeouus...oh my. And the kitchen? it's so white it's like it had a whitectomy. it's WHITE. Even inside the cabinets has been painted, and THANK GOD for that. I am no longer afraid to reach under the sink for stuff.....

Which is also making me a little sad. In my efforts to clean up the house and freshen it, I think I took out too much of the funk. All my stenciling and paint finishes are gone. The funky 50's tile remains, I wouuld NEVER change that, but I did like the bathroom painted black (and so did the new renters! cool!). Now it's white. And well, white. I defunkified my house. It's not blah, but it's definitely closer to Pottery Barn than the City Wide Garage Sale I used to attend so regularly.

sigh. I know when i come back to Austin I can refunk it. But it's sad to think all my creative efforts are now hidden under "Montgomery White" and "Decatur Buff".

And shit. I have to clean the floors AGAIN. Grrr......

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