Thursday, October 27, 2005

Um, wow. That was,um, fast.

Well, um, hmm.

I'm fairly flummoxed.

You see, yesterday I put an ad online to sell my car.

And I got a call today. One call. Guy wanted to see the car. I met him.

And he bought the car.

He signed a contract and will have the money next week. (My American cynicism says "Proof is when the money hits your account", but Norwegians are a very honest and honorable sort of people, and if he signed a contract, I have very little doubt he means what he says. Norwegians are way more trustworthy than Americans in many ways.)

A part of me thinks maybe I priced it too low. But then, the other part of me says that I just sold my 8 year old car for what I paid for it new in 1997. So, really, if I'm happy with the price I got, and he's happy with the price he got, isn't that just good all around? Why be greedy when you get what you need? I'm all about the good karma of this.

So, wow. That was fast. All told. I'm gobsmacked.

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