Monday, October 03, 2005

The $500 movie.

I'm considering flying back to London just so I can see "Serenity".

It's not frigging playing here until December! I can't wait til December! I've been waiting over a year as it is!

So, I figure, around $160 for the flight, find yet another cheap crappy hotel room placed close to the theatre. (That's $200, give or take $50. A hotel room in London that costs much less than $100 is a scary, scary thing.) Spend two nights in London (must hit a pub or four, after all, ($40)), eat at Pret and Chinatown ($60), and fly back, having paid $12 for the movie and around $488 for the peripherals. I left myself $28 for incidentals, like, oh, water. And Starbucks.

Is that crazy? Does that show how much I want to see it and how ANNOYED I am that it will take another TWO MONTHS to get here?

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