Sunday, October 23, 2005

Nooo!!!! I'm not ready!

It's snowing.

I am SO not ready for winter. Not prepared, not ready, not willing to deal. Just NOT. NO. Uh uh. (Throws herself upon the floor, fists flailing, legs kicking, hair flying in a stubborn childish temper tantrum.)

I've decided, actually, that I am not doing winter this year. I have determined it to be unfashionable, and not at all chic. Thus, winter is OUT. This I have decreed. Sun, you come back. Snow, fuck off. I've got fun and floaty skirts to wear, dammit!

Now if only I can make the heavens and the earth's rotation on its axis understand my decree.....I AM kind of evil, I should be able to work SOMETHING out. Lessee...I've got a tambourine, a few loyal evil minions, my dual weapons of mass distraction....Hmm.

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