Friday, October 14, 2005

Movie to go see, if you are in Texas

A friend of mine from SXSW has steadily and prodigiously been winning awards and recognition for his film Screen Door Jesus.

The movie (which I have seen and loved) is now opening in Austin and San Antonio on Friday. I hope you guys all get a chance to see it. It had a run in Houston , unfortunately at the same time as Hurricane Rita. Ah well, you Houstonians will just have to go to Austin. You know you want to anyhow!

And no, despite what some people might think on the forum part of the website, it's NOT a movie that's all "praise Jesus" and "Christians are better than everyone" and shit. It's not a holy roller movie. It's not anti-religion, either. It is, however, a thoughtful and humorous story about attitudes towards religion in a small Texas town, with a certain amount of strange goings on and religious miracles thrown in for spice. Makes you think, makes you laugh, makes you wonder.

It was all filmed in Texas with a Texas cast. Kirk Davis, my friend, wrote and directed it.

Go see it at the Regal Arbor in Austin, or at the Regal Fiesta in San Antonio.

You guys get all the good movies. We don't get ANY fun stuff here in Norway.

UPDATE: It's getting good reviews. As it has all along. Here's the one from the Austin Chronicle.

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