Saturday, October 15, 2005

It's the small things that cheer you up.

I think I've mentioned that I have a fairly LARGE collection of clothes and shoes. Well, today I put on this outfit:

and realized I didn't have any shoes to match.

Or did I?

I dug around curiously and found...a really cute pair of nice leather boots I had forgotten about.

Yes, I forgot I had a pair of boots! Isn't that awful? I think I remember buying them, now. They are really nice boots, lined inside with glove leather and all soft on the outside too. They were on sale down from $300 to $50. So I bought them. And, um, apparently forgot I had them.

In honor of Badger and her blog Lipstick is my Crack, I hereby give a rundown of today's outfit:

  • Orange skirt with sequinned waistband I bought yesterday on sale at the mall in Sandvika.
  • A long sleeved peach t-shirt from Gap, on sale.
  • A orangey salmon colored shrug sweater from Noa Noa in Asker. Yup, on sale.
  • The forgotten boots, from the Walking Store in Barton Creek Mall, Austin.
  • A cashmere wrap from Kashmir, hand embroidered and woven. I got it a couple of weeks ago in Camden Market, London. I adore this wrap. It was fun buying it as the guy was really nice and brought it out from his "special stash" of things.
  • Narcisso Rodriguez's perfume, For Her. My favorite. Smells like heaven.
  • Diamond stud earrings and a diamond circle necklace I call my "birthday bling".
I got it all on sale, now that I think about it. I even talked the guy down a bit for the wrap.

I'm a cheap mother fucker. But damn if it don't work out sometimes.

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