Thursday, October 20, 2005

People who are cooler than myself

So there's my friend Julia who lives here in Oslo? And works for a major record label?

Yeah, well, she's just too cool. Two weeks ago she brought over the new Madonna album for me to hear. (It's not out til November 15th.) It's so secret and they are so worried about it being pirated, that not only have they watermarked each copy that is out so they could identify it if it got ripped and sent out on the web, they also have the cd's hand carried to wherever they are sent. So a guy flew in from London just to bring the cd's to Julia's office! I was one of the first few hundred people in the WORLD to hear it. And it's GOOD, people, like, "Music" good. (We'll pretend that "American Pie" one just never came out, shall we?) It's disco with an electro-Abba edge. (Just go with it.) If you don't move your ass and dance, well, then you are dead.

Of course, the coolness with Ms. Julia continues next week, when she gets to fly to London to MEET Madge herself! Yes! Bitch! Also, next week, she goes to the Nordic Music Awards in Copenhagen, where she will meet Shakira, Coldplay and (ladies in England, hold yourselves steady) Robbie Williams! (Americans don't get the Robbie phenomenon, but believe me, he is THE SHIT in England. He's got a few songs I like, and I also like him because he's a little rough around the edges in a manly-man way. Nothing effeminate about him.)

She has hired me as her personal shopper/dresser. Cuz you know, I am one stylin' kinda gal and all. I offered to accompany her to London and Copenhagen for any last minute adjustments in style and/or shopping tips, but alas, her per diem does not include "style managers/drinking buddies" on the payroll. Damn.

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