Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Pantheon of Suck

I sort of keep a running list of things that suck, and the big ones get listed in my Pantheon of Suck.

I'm not going to print that whole list today. I'm too...too....sucky.

Let's just say that these past few days are very, very high on my all time list of Days That Suck. They are getting into the Pantheon of Suck for sure.

A small sample of things that belong in the Pantheon of Suck: George W. Bush, Hummers (1,2 &3), Celine Dion, Today, Yesterday, The Patriot Act, that time I had my appendix out on New Year's Eve, prices of everything in Norway, and the time my brother got into a near fatal motorcycle wreck.

That is all. Today sucks.

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