Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Karmically Fucked?

I obviously was very cruel to electronic appliances in a previous life.

I'm trying desperately to get the house tidied for a friend to come over tonight. Thus far:

The dryer (two months old) overheated and now won't work and is getting worriesomely hot.
The washer is smelling funny, the ozone smell you get from overworked appliances?
The vaccuum cleaner WILL NOT stay plugged into the wall and keeps turning off. This tells me to just stop cleaning, as it is obviously not in the cards for me today.

I hope the oven does not break. I'm making sour cream chicken enchiladas for dinner. We Texans eat like Texans when we gather.

Still no word on the car, though the dealer guy called me this morning and said some money guy is coming over to look at it. I told him my price, and that I would not take any less. Screw it, I'm tired of feeling like somebody is taking advantage of me. If they won't pay a fair price, I'll sell it myself. Even if that's the last thing I really WANT to do.

I also could not sleep at all last night, I was too wierded out. One, it's my first night here alone without Rich. He's in the US. Two, I am reading "The Historian" which is an excellent, but strangely nerve-wracking read. I kept envisioning strange, scary bloody men peering in my 5th floor windows. Though I am pleased that I have been to many of the places, now, that she writes about and so can envision her places and scenes.

Right, so that's the end of the cleaning for the day. My friend will just have to deal with a dirty house, some rich fattening food, and a couple of damn fine margaritas. Somehow, I think she won't mind.

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