Saturday, October 22, 2005

Made my day

Dave was in the Vatican Museum and saw this image. He sent it to me in an email in which he joked I "had inspired god-like devoting in some artist there..." (No we've never met, so it's actually nice to think that my mojo carries so far that people whom I haven't even MET yet notice the god-like devotion I inspire!! Or, am I just that much of a caricature?)

Obviously she is a Tambourine Wielding Angel of Death. A No Bullshit Musically Mediocre Sidekick in the Wars of Good vs Evil. She will take her Tambourine of Power and she and Mr. Tambourine Man will save the earth!!!! Or jingle it to death. She never got the hang of the Guitar of Pain, you see. Or the Drums of Lust. And believe me, she worked HARD on the Drums of Lust.

Now that I look at it, it could be that comedian, Carrot Top. You know the guy with the red hair and the props? Does he do jokes with tambourines? Oh my God. Dave, DAVE, what are you trying to tell me here?

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