Friday, October 07, 2005

Sad Girl in London

Well, I've got my sad ass over in Merrie Olde England.

I saw "Serenity" tonight. (Sorry Dave, jumpeed the gun.) It was great, but depressing.

I had a couple of Guinnesses. They were...well, try as I might, there is nothing depressing about a Guinness. Except maybe an empty one.

I got a ticket to see a comedian on Sunday night. His name is Omid Djalili, I saw him once do a short bit on Leno, and he was HILARIOUS. Sort of a Middle Eastern Eddie Izzard, but without the cross dressing. I got the last ticket. I seem to be lucky with getting last tickets for comedy shows. Also on Sunday is a big tattoo convention/gathering over in Spitalfields/Brick Lane area. I might go check that out, since I will be in the neighborhood that day anyhow. Who knows, I might get another tat. Might wake me up a bit.

Tomorrow I will put on my walkin' shoes, walk alot and go see "The Aristocrats".

The hotel I'm staying it is quite nice for the money. Clean, with no more nor less than I require. I am pleased. I think I can recomend it. We'll see how the bed and the hot water work out.

I know it's early (not even 9pm) but I am going to retire. This internet cafe is PACKED. Here are all these beautiful young college students, sitting and staring at computers instead of experiencing the greatest city in the world. Mind boggling. GET THEE TO A PUB! (Ok so I am doing it, too, but I've been here, like, 1000 times by now, so I'm excused. I can be on the internet if I want. Jeez, I'm old enough to be some of these kids' mother. Oh crap, I've just depressed myself even more.) Sigh.


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