Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Today's 'doh! moment, brought to you by Colgate

Day Two of Dorkapalooza.
This morning was brushing my teeth (after having applied Band Aid to knee) and my apparently overly vigorous brushing resulted in a tiny fleck of toothpaste shooting up into my right eye.
That, by the way, really hurts.
Like, owmotherfuckerwhattheFUCKiswrongwithmyeyeowowowowow.
Kind of a slow burn, you don't notice it immediately and then your eye is watering like a hose and your newly applied (non-waterproof) mascara is everywhere BUT on your lashes and you've dropped the toothbrush and tried to scrub your eye only succeeding in getting MORE cavity fighting torture in there and you are (literally) foaming at the mouth and snotting and crying and looking like an insane sad clown who also has minty fresh breath.
I had to redo my makeup. Quickly as I had a train to catch. My right eye, however, smells good now that it is cavity free.

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