Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cindy Cowford

I've always liked cows. Not, like, in an intimate way or anything, but there is something so restful about cows in a field. (Full disclosure: I also like chickens and do a REALLY good chicken imitation.) I think in a former life I must've been a dairy maid or some sort of farm girl. I like the smell of cows in the field and the clanking of the cowbells as they walk, the sound carrying across the water and the meadows like a song of comfort.

Today I met a supermodel cow. That cow actually posed for pictures. Every time I moved it put itself in yet another alluring cow pose. Seriously, it was Cowdia Schiffer. Look:

Brown cow blue sky.

Big head Karla with Cindy Cowford in the background. Work it girl! You are fierce!

I've met other model cows too. Like these, in Ireland:

Mellow cows. moo.

Seriously, what is there to not like about cows? They give me milk and cheese and steak (sorry, I'm cownivorous) and as shown in the photos, some serious fierceness as well. Snap!

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