Sunday, May 25, 2008

hilarious Top Gear Race

There's a show called Top Gear on BBC in England. We get it here on BBC Prime.

This morning they showed a race from the UK to Oslo, one guy driving through Europe, the other guys taking the ferry and then boat. It's hilarious and proves one thing: Horsepower doesn't matter in Norway. The landscape and the roads are going to mess you up. You can only go as fast as the land and weather will allow!

I also found it funny to see them getting around Norway with no clue what the money is worth or where they were. Hahahahah!

Here's part 3 of 4 (where they are getting to Norway):

Here's part 4 of 4....the end.

CLASSIC at the very end where the loser, wet bedraggled and totally lost, looks into the camera and says "What's the Norwegian for 'Oh, cock'?"

I'll write about the Eurovision contest later. Russia won, though Norway and Latvia (aaargh) did quite respectably.

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