Friday, May 02, 2008

random day

Random things bouncing about my head.
  • Seriously, the more I hear about the US economy? The more I worry. Well, ok, WORRY is the wrong word, more like GET ANGRY at FUCKING George Bush and his reprehensible, incomprehensible and illogical economic polices. That guy has single handedly wrecked the greatest (former) country in the world, and if anyone belongs in Guantanamo, it would be HIM.
  • That being said, I am gratefuI am out here in Norway, where I am a little protected from all that shit. Things are pretty stable here, right now. Gas has always been expensive, no shock there. Plus I don't have to hear HIM making speeches and stuff.  I'll buy y'all a beer and a gallon of gas next time I come home, ok?
  • Is anoyone else sick to death of the Democratic primary? I'm a Democrat, and at this point I just don't CARE anymore.
  • The Macintosh has been restored to its former, reliable, wirelessly stable self. The guy at Eplehuset took an agressive stance and replaced the logic board, which seems to have worked a treat. I think we will now call it Frankenmac, with all its new parts and stitched together bits. But Whitey is back and workin' fine!
  • I'm listening to A3. This is Bookhart's favorite band, and I definitely am a fan as well. I love that these white English guys sound so American South, and at one time adore and take the piss out of American culture. Brilliant. Plus, I can dance to it. I'm chair boogying as I write this.
  • The other night I was good at the pub, and had tomato soup instead of the bacon club sandwich with fries that I wanted. Score one for willpower. (Ok, full disclosure: I had about 5 glasses of wine. Still, I would have had those had I had the club anyhow, so look at me all saving the calories and shit!)
  • It's raining today, but it's not COLD. Just chilly. This is the weather where everyone pulls out their hip leather jackets. Cool enough for spring, but not warm enough for winter.  
  • I'm all booked for my project management course in London in June. I'm psyched, but maybe a bit nervous. What if I suck? What if I am too stupid to take a class anymore, and just don't GET it? What if my brain is now the size of a peanut? (That is most certainly the size of my bladder.)
  • My brother tells me that the car in the picture below is worth ONE MILLION dollars and has ONE THOUSAND horsepower.  I was thinking it costs a couple hundred thou, tops, when I saw it. ONE MILLION BUCKS FOR A CAR? God can you imagine driving that thing? I'd wrap it in bubble wrap and then have police on each corner with sirens to prevent anyone touching me, PLUS hire someone to guard it while it was parked. If you can afford a million dollar car, you can afford extra people to protect it.
  • But then, if I had that much money, I'd also hire someone to find me more of those jeans I was wearing in the picture.
  • And again, if I had THAT much money, I'd also hire someone to exercise and lose weight for me so I wouldn't need skinny jeans, I'd just be skinny.
  • And again, with the money....I fell in love with a bag by Etro in Berlin and I can't remove it from my brain. I can't find a picture of it online, but when I do I will post it. No way I could buy the bag, but it was perfect for me.
  • When we went to Berlin last Thursday, the trees still did not have leaves. Upon return on Tuesday, they did. THAT is how fast the seasons change here. Literally, from one day to the next, it goes from winter to spring.
  • My outfit today is almost exactly like something I wore in high school. Leggings, above knee length fitted shirt dress, wide elastic belt, mary jane flats (everything balck, of course). 80's!

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