Thursday, May 29, 2008

just trying to take a deep breath and BREATHE

How many times can one person say 'ARGH!' in a day!?
This bank thing is really wearing me down. Our bank has been pretty good and replaced  almost all the money taken. But....they aren't stopping any new charges from coming in. So, these fucking thieves take the money, and the bank just replaces it. Um....hmm. Is it just me to whom this sounds counter productive? They just keep raping us!
They said even though the card has been stopped, the delays in the banking system in Spain means that charges can come in long afterwards and not be stopped. I don't really get the whole thing myself, but it seems really stupid.
So we have moved everything to a whole new account, which means there is none in the old account left to take. (Heh, watch, now, the bank will bounce the charges and we will have to pay fees on that. And our bank charges fees like you wouldn't believe, so that will be the next round of discussions, I am sure. )
 But a new account means new cards, which are on order but not yet recieved, so right now, the thieves have better access to our money than we do. Why we didn't move all to the new account Tuesday is the big question, but the guy at the bank said that since it was just a CARD number theft, no need to worry. But, with all these extra and ongoing thefts....seems better to just move it out. The main hardship now is how to get cash when you have no card and the bank is only open from 10-3?
Much as the bank has been nice, there has been way too much floundering around and 'what do we do now's?' for my comfort. A US bank would have put the hammer down fast. New account, new cards, everything, fast and efficient.  And, the amount we lost would probably come into the realm of a pretty serious fraud, and there would be some police action. But here? Nah. It's not millions, so they won't worry about it. The BANK said this. To me. ARGH!
And so the thieves have learned the crime DOES pay, and pays well.

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