Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank You

I just wanna say thank you to you all for being so nice and supportive during what has been a really shit week.

I get really homesick sometimes, missing everyone back in Austin, and it is so nice to realize that even if I can't be with my friends at home, I still have a whole world of awesome people from this blog that are there for me when shitty things happen like the events of this week.

So, to Desertwind, Delmer, Dave, Ayhee, Tracy, Victoria, Christina, Evolving Revolver, Tracy, Elizabeth, Stev and everyone who commented on this latest round of stupidity that is my life....thank you for being so great.

You really made this week endurable.

That and the wine.....which, by the way, I spilt all over myself tonight. DORK!

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