Tuesday, May 06, 2008

In which 'Project Runway' has been RUINED and Iron Man RULES!

They've just wrecked Project Runway forever.
Seriously, LA? New York is the fashion capital of the US, NOT Los Angeles. Heidi Klum ruins one of the best shows EVER so she can be closer to her family? Ever heard of an AIRPLANE? They get you places fast, and honestly, how much time did she put in anyhow?
I bet Project Runway's rating will go straight down the tubes from here on out.
In other news, I saw Iron Man last night and it effin' ROCKED. LOVED it, mostly because of the intelligent and ironic way that Robert Downey played the character. (The nicely built up biceps and shoulders didn't hurt.) Great music, too, no new rappy hip hop crap.... just good ol' rock n roll.
GO SEE IT, yes, even you girls! You'll like it! It's fun!

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