Thursday, May 15, 2008

Not so much a blog post as verbal barf

Random today.
  • Went out for a work gathering Tuesday night. Work gatherings almost ALWAYS contain the following: liquor. bars. laughter. an expensive cab ride home very late at night.
  • This one was no different, with the addition of the following: snorting cognac.
  • Don't ask.
  • I SAID don't ASK!
  • Ok, ok you HAD to know.
  • You do it from a spoon.
  • YES it hurts.
  • And it's not very sexy, cognac running from your nose.
  • My boss did it in London (on a dare from a bartender) and told me about it, so of course I made him prove that he could do it.
  • Then it became, "If I do it you have to do it".
  • So we did.
  • Ow.
  • My hangover Wednesday was not too bad, but I was tired.
  • I went to work, though.
  • Wanted to "work from home".
  • Which is what my boss did.
  • Hmmph. Smart bastard.
  • I took a long nap after work.
  • In other news......
  • Got invited to a hen party in Ibiza yesterday.
  • This is very cool for many reasons.
  • Firstly, hello, IBIZA?
  • Secondly, it's my cousin's fiance who invited me, which means she likes me enough to include me in her bachelorette party.
  • Which is cool because I like her too.
  • Thirdly, it's just cool to be invited to party in Ibiza (to leave from Gatwick).
  • But I can't go.
  • Because I am OLD.
  • Like 10 years older than the other hens.
  • And I really don't think I could party for three days straight without getting very, very sick. (Remember Amsterdam and the flu? Oy.)
  • AND.....
  • Don't have time off from work what with upcoming travel, which includes:
  • Texas
  • Tunisia
  • Thailand
  • London
  • So Ibiza is out. But I am bummed to not go because I have always wanted to.
  • Probably should have gone when I was younger.
  • Eek, first time I ever said THAT. First old age regret!
  • I actually have very few of those.
  • Because my motto is try anything once, and if you don't like it you don't have to do it again.
  • So I've tried alot of things.
  • Which explains the Unfortunate Incident of the Cognac.
  • Which I have now learned I won't repeat.
  • There's some lame movie set in Roman times on TV.
  • I keep thinking that their gladiator sandals are SO FABULOUS!
  • Even on old Roman warrior dudes.
  • I think it's time to eat. I'm hungry.

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