Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Why, or how, has that little non-word "meh" come to mean what it means? I am curious.

However, it does describe rather well how I feel. After all the fuss and bother of the past couple of days, I feel rather low. Sort of anti climactic, all told, like I fought a great battle with knife and sword and now.....mashed potatoes for dinner. Eaten with a spoon.

Meh. I've tried to cry or SOMETHING but it just won't come. And, haha, can't go shopping, my usual pick me up because I don't have a card. Or money. Or really any desire to shop.


Still have to go back to the bank tomorrow to find the last batch of screwage from the thieves. If I EVER find out who did this.....somebody is going to be hurt. Rich keeps bringing up new scenarios, but honestly, I don't want to talk about it anymore. (Every 10 minutes, a new "What if it was....?" or "Did you use it to buy...?" or "When you were at...?". It's driving me nuts, especially right when I AM FALLING ASLEEP HONEY!.) It is what it is and it done happened, so let's just deal with the fall out and the solution and let the how's and why's fall by the wayside. All I know is the card never left me and I never lost it and I don't use it online and whoever got the number was pretty sneaky.  

Going to try and get up the gumption to go for a walk. It is a beautiful day today. That should cheer me up a bit. Or not.


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