Monday, May 19, 2008

still dreamy

It's the next day and I am still dreamy and watery eyed over last night's Robert Plant/Alison Krauss performance.
Everything was pitch perfect. (Ok, I was seated a little far away (too far to throw my special Easy Detach Robert Plant Bra, haha), but considering the costs of a show here, with nosebleed seats being a hundred bucks, and the fact that the joint was PACKED, I'm just counting myself lucky to be there.) The sound quality was amazing. The stage was simply set up with a few chairs and some persian rugs. There was no Justin Timberlake style dancing, no flashy lights, no costumes, just the best musicians on this earth doing what they do best. T Bone Burnet was also on stage. Now THAT'S a guy you'd want to have a beer with! He's nuts!
Robert Plant still has that voice, that voice that has carried me away so many times. At one point he did one of his characteristic little Zeppelin style moan/growls a la Kashmir,  just a short one, and I swear my whole BODY reacted.  I shuddered. I think that he gave me an eargasm. I worry to think what would have happened had that sound lasted longer, I might have done a 'When Harry Met Sally' right there in my seat.
Midway through the evening, I got a treat I would never have expected. Krauss and Plant, God Bless them, sang Zeppelin's 'Battle of Evermore'.
Let me just say, I have always been sad that I would never get to see Led Zeppelin live. The band was over before I was old enough to go see them, and the chances of me getting a ticket to the reunion show in London were, let's face it, ZILCH. So I always just figured, well, that's it, no live Zep for me EVER. I'd never get to hear Plant sing any of the old classics.
So, when they started this amazing beautiful rendition of 'Battle of Evermore', my heart almost stopped. And then, stupid dork-ass me, I cried. I couldn't help it. It just came out of me. I still want to cry thinking about it. I'm getting teary eyed right now. (I know I KNOW, I'm a dork.) It's just...something I wanted my whole life, never thought I'd get, and then, there, it happened, with no warning. Wow.
The surprise for me of the evening, and this is on top of the stupendous delight I had in finally seeing my Rock God on stage, was the absolute power, beauty and grace of Alison Krauss's voice. I mean, I knew she had a beautiful voice and all, but live? On stage? She mesmerized the audience. She sang 'Trampled Rose' and it was the most moving, melodiously sad thing I have ever heard. Her voice carried into the rafters with such power and depth, yet mournful sweetness, it was heartbreaking. There was a silent pause when she finished as the audience came out of its hypnotized stupor.
I don't know how esle to describe this night. All I can really say is, if you get a chance to get a ticket to this show, BUY IT. Whatever it costs. Run don't walk and do anything you can to see it. You won't regret it.

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