Thursday, May 08, 2008

Today! Good day! Happy!

It's so freaking gorgeous outside I am smiling like a goon. So is everyone else. Everyone in this part of Norway is friendly, happy and talkative, dare I even say, chatty? STRANGERS are being nice to me. That alone should tell you how good the weather is. It might seem a bit psychotic to be so happy just because it's nice out, but in a place where winter and darkness can rule your life for 7 months a year, a day like today is nothing less than a little slice of heaven!
Rich booked us an anniversary trip for this summer.(All on his own. Without me doing anything!)  It will be our 15th, though I can't really believe we are old enough to have been married 15 years (plus the 4 years we were together before that!) (maybe I should say we got married at 16, huh?)
Anyhow, we are going here. For a week!
I am so excited I have to pee. I've been wanting an island in the sun holiday for AGES. Woo! They filmed Star Wars there. I'm gonna see where Luke grew up!

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