Wednesday, February 02, 2005

um...let me see if I understand this right.....

I just found this article in Aftenposten. It's about community efforts to raise population levels in rural areas. Then I read this paragraph:

Six years ago the residents of little Gloppen held a high-profile 'community reproduction effort' in a local gymnasium that embodies the spirit of "Fuck for bygda". The endeavor was a big success according to organizer Per Svein Reed, who told NRK that the school is now "nearly bursting" with kids.

So let me see if I have this right: a small town in Norway got together a bunch of residents and they had a community "clusterfuck" in the school gym? To raise the town's population levels? Have I read this right?

Damn, that news article is really all Norway needs to raise rural population levels! Just promote activities like that, and I am sure you will get an increase in residents in NO TIME! Gotta love that communal spirit! Anything for the community! Do it for your town!

Can you imagine a campaign like that in rural Texas (say, La Grange?) or Kansas? Things are certainly different here. Yesirree.

Kinda makes ME want to move to a small town...just for research, of course.

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