Friday, February 25, 2005

The Great International Secret Blog Exchange

Two fellow expat bloggers, Vivi and Tracey, came up with the idea of the GISBE. Over 100 people signed up and now Vivi and Tracey have gotten us all matched up and assigned to our secret (secret to the recipient, not the sender, obviously, or that would be really hard) partners.

Mine lives on the West Coast of the US, however she does not have a blog, which is a bit of a bummer, as I have NO FREAKING CLUE what she is interested in. So, by default, I went with a vaguely kitchen theme and bought the traditional Norwegian items of: a cheese slicer, a paper clip, (both invented in Norway, of which Norwegians are VERY proud) a Norway potholder, a Norwegian flag fridge magnet and some postcards. ($20. is our limit, and $20. here spends like $5 in the US).

What if my GISBE assignee hates to cook? What if she suffered a tragic childhood kitchen incident, to the extent that she has a phobia about kitchens and in fact in every house she has ever lived in she has had it replaced with a fluffy baby bunny barn, full of bunnies and pillows and soft, non-cooking things??** (Bunnies being soothing, to most people, though being a Monty Python fan, I am a bit nervous of the ones with big pointy teeth.) And what if her father was killed in a horrible paperclip accident? And I am sending her a paperclip? Will I send her back to therapy for the next five years? And the potholder is fraught with peril...though I am not sure how. But I know it is. I just KNOW it.

Yep, the pressure here is pretty intense......and all because she does not have a blog and I don't know what she likes. Let's hope she doesn't have a problem with postcards, or man am I screwed......

If you are reading this and you are a woman living on the West Coast who signed up for the GISBE, let me know if you are kitchen or paperclip phobic ASAP, or otherwise I am sending this perilous package out on Monday, ready or not, consequences be damned.

**Yes, I am aware of my hyperactive imagination. It used to get me in alot of trouble as a kid. Now people just tend to say I am "creative" though some use the word "freak". Whatever, let's just say I think outside the box. ok? Get it? Box? I am sending a box on Monday? one understands me.

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