Friday, February 04, 2005

Friday Q

FQ TOPIC: Sleepy.

FQ1: On average, how many hours of sleep do you get each night? Do you think that's a good number?
I get 8 to 12 hours. Yeah, that's right, up to 12. I have an endless ability for slumber, plus no job. So I sleep. I think 12 hours could be too much at times. My optimum is 9-10. Less than 8 and I am tired all day. I sleep alot in winter and not as much in summer when it is lighter. (I am like a bear, I hibernate.) I am very light-oriented. The more light the better.

FQ2: Have you any sleep essentials? A nightlight or teddy bear perhaps? Must the door and closet be either closed or open?
Sleep essentials: floppy down pillows, heavy blankets (I need to FEEL the weight of the blanket), no air around my feet. If I feel air around my feet or my feet stick out, I am afraid the bogeyman will get me. I've alway had that fear. He'll grab my feet and THEN what will I do?
The closet door must be closed. The bedroom door open. No negotiations.
I like to sleep in a room with natural light, because I wake up with the sun. If I don't see sun from the windows, if it is a pitch black room, I will just keep right on sleeping, and not wake up until mid afternoon. I'm sort of a reverse vampire, I guess. No night light necessary. (Oddly enough, no alarm clock needed either. I can set my "inner alarm" and always wake up on time. As long as I have natural light, that is.)

FQ3: What do you wear to bed? What color are your sheets? How many pillows under your head?
I wear whatever is on the floor to sleep in. Barring that, a t-shirt and boxers or undies is fine. No socks, I hate sleeping in socks. Our sheets are many colors. I have a sheet fetish, and have many sets. It's a thing. I like Ralph Lauren 200+ thread count florals the best. I use two floppy down pillows that really add up to only one medium one, and a back up pillow against the head board.

FQ BIG SLEEP: Share some helpful advice you use when having trouble falling asleep.
Don't go to bed full, don't drink too much alcohol as it upsets your sleep patterns. If you are about to travel, do your packing before you go to bed as you will lie awake all night worrying about doing it in the morning. Go to bed with a clear head/conscience/to do list. I like to read before I drift off. If I am really restless I leave the room to read. (Rich kicks me out.)

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