Friday, February 25, 2005

I coulda been a contender.....

Damn ass hell and damnation.

About three weeks ago I got an email from a reporter from BusinessWeek Online about the possibility of interviewing me for an article about expat bloggers. Vivi at Dispatches from France had given him my contact info. I told him, sure, I'd be happy to talk to him, but I was about to go to Paris, could he call me there. He said fine, and I gave him the contact info for the hotel I was going to stay at.

I never heard from him, but I was pretty busy and not in the hotel room much. I emailed him when I got back to Norway, saying that if it was not too late, I was back and had some time.

He responded and told me the FUCKING FRENCH PHONE (my words, not his) in the hotel room did not work and he tried calling but could not get through. AND, the front desk people never left me a message!!!!!!! Then said thanks, but he had enough info for his article. Maybe next time. Gah! Chance lost!

And so today I found the article.

The article I shoulda been in!

Damn damn damn and shit and damn some more! This was a building block in my plans for World Domination, Phase One, Media Control, and it has gone seriously awry. All due to a damned non-working French hotel phone. Must be a French conspiracy. I can feel it!

To those mentioned in the article, though, woohoo to you, and it is a good explanation of why many of us are so addicted to our blogs. Good job all around! The few, the proud, the expat bloggers!

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  1. Anonymous7:55 AM

    The last time I was in Paris - Sept 2003 - I kept expecting a phone call or message at the hotel from my husband -Tim- to wish me a happy birthday. They kept telling him I wasn't staying there. So he's thinking uh huh, what the hell is she up to...... And I'm thinking creep - forgot my birthday!!!! Probably backlash from the Freedom Fries thingy.


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