Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Norway is endlessly entertaining.

This article is a good example of why.

Just so you know: prostitution is not illegal in Norway. Prostitutes are free to sell their, ahem, wares, and men are free to buy them. What IS illegal, though, is pimping. Pimping is a very serious crime. The idea being that the only people who should profit off the women are the women themselves. Very liberated, eh? Very, very Scandinavian.

So this article is illuminating, to me, of the Norwegian mindset. In the US, if this accident happened, they would never have called the police, as they would have been afraid of getting arrested, and, in not calling the police, they might have died. Here, they call the police, get rescued, and everyone has a good laugh.

I like the "live and let live" personal lives policy of the Scandinavians. Hey, sex happens, you know? In the US, everyone is so bothered about nipples on TV and acting so "moral" and pretending that sex does not exist outside a straight, man/woman sanctioned-by-God marriage, when you know they are all just a bunch of horndogs like everyone else in the world. I read that only half of Norwegian couples are married, that the civil and partnership rights are so strong that there is no need to get married unless you want it. Women have their kids young, many times single, knowing that they have great support in childcare, medical benefits and maternity leave. Abortion is legal and an unquestioned right, yet not that prevalent, as the morning after pill is available (gasp!) over the counter and birth control pills are easy to get and cheap. Women know their rights, know what to do to take care of themselves, and have no fears of not being able to take care of their kids like they do in the US. The men fully participate in the process of birth control and childcare. It's a very child friendly country, and parents are fully respected in all their choices. (Not to mention, from a fiscal standpoint, all these kids being born are future Norwegian tax payers, so that is a good thing to the government!)

I say, you go Norway, and keep up the good work in just allowing people to be who they are: flawed, stupid, fornicating and funny.


  1. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Yes, the women here are empowered, employed and very reproductive. But the fucking men they just can't keep it in their pants.
    Check this out

  2. Ok, that's just....ewww. Guess he was a pork lover?

  3. "Pork - the other, other white meat.." sorry, I just couldn't stop mtself.


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