Tuesday, February 01, 2005

....and no one bloody told me?

That's great. Just great.

I am looking thru our TV Guide, called Programbladet, and I see a picture of Terri Hatcher on the page advertising tonight's shows. I think, hmm, that's interesting, she is on that "Desperate Housewives" show that I saw when I was in Orlando. I wonder what she is in tonight?

It's a show called "Frustrerte Fruer". "Frustrated Wives". Huh?

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES!!!!!! It's on tv here and no one freaking told me!?!? It's the fourth episode shown! But yeay, at least it's here!

That's the problem with having a sketchy grasp of the language. You know just enough to be late on everything. Plus, they change the damned names of stuff from the English to a Norwegian approximation, and many times you don't know what the hell it is until you are watching it!!!!!

"Scrubs" --- Norwegian equivalent title, Helt Sykt, is "Completely Sick".
"Myth Busters"---Sannhet eller Myte, Truth or Myth
"Freinds"---Venner for livet, or Friends for Life

And so on. What's wierd is sometimes they change the name, and other times they don't so you are never quite sure what it's called. Plus the schedules change from week to week and you might get Mythbusters every day at 8pm for a month, then just on Tuesdays at 9:30 for a few weeks, and then not at all for months. And they don't always show them in sequence or they might show a rerun two days in a row. (Or as with Sex and the City, where they show it twice a day on alternate days, the 8pm one being from early in the series, the one late at night being later in the series.) It's very hard to keep up with the TV schedules here.

Oh and also? They don't show ads as much as they do in the US, but when they do, they cut right into the movie or show in some random place, maybe right in the middle of a sentence, and then show 10 minutes of ads or sometimes, 20 minutes of the news. Right in the middle of the movie! You forgot where you were, and then they go back mid sentence where you left off.

All in all, watching TV here takes serious thought and study to figure out what's what. You really gotta WANT it.


  1. Another show you might like (though I doubt it's on there, as it's on tiny little UPN here) is a fairly new one by Austinite Rob Thomas called "Veronica Mars."

    It's a nice little "strong-smart-girl-who-saves-the-day" drama about a high school girl who works for her father's private detective agency while also solving the mysteries of her school friends (for pay.) Yeah, that sounds trite, but it's really well-written and has an enormous, multi-layered backstory; everybody in town hates her and her father, and we're not sure why, dead best friend, missing mother, that sort of thing.

    It's not Buffy, but it's Buffy-esque without being too derivative. And the lead character is very likeable, and the dad is Elliott from "Just Shoot Me."


  2. My only "must see" shows right now are:

    "Lost" (it's Twin Peaks and Gilligan's Island rolled up into one scrumptious little coconut shell!)


    "Veronica Mars"

    "ER" (though I hate to admit it)

    "Six Feet Under" (whenever it's on)

    "Bands Reunited" (I love Aamir Haleem...deeply.)

    and things I'll usually watch if they're on are:

    "Pimp My Ride" (love this show!!)
    "Celebrity Poker Challenge" (or pretty much any Texas Hold 'Em show, I'm a big junkie)

    That's about it, really...most of our time is spent watching "The Little Mermaid" or "Madeline," come to think of it...


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