Thursday, February 10, 2005

strange weather indeed

Everyone here in the Oslo area is talking about what a strange winter this has been. Very little snow (unlike my first winter where there was so much snow everyone was just amazed) and not too cold. Granted, "not too cold" is a relative term, but honestly, it's not too cold even for me, Ms. Sandals and Tank Tops.

The past three days have been dreary beyond belief. Horrible, grey, misty, droopy, stay-in-bed weather. Dirty patches of snow remained from previous falls, but nothing very inspiring, and, from what folks tell me, definitely not ski-able. Then yesterday it snowed lightly all day. Kind of wet and sticky small snow pellets, not even flakes. It stuck, but grudgingly. Around 5pm that changed to rain, and then a few minutes later wind started blowing, 30-35mph winds, like a gale. It blew and rained all night. Good sleeping weather. Our house is strong.

I got up this morning to a crisp, clear (dare I say it?) spring like day....and not a sign of snow anywhere. The rain and wind last night scrubbed away every iota of it as far as the eye can see, and from up on our hill my eye can see pretty far. (Hi Sweden!)

The kids down the hill below us (our backyard ends in a little cliff and the barnehagen is right beneath) are all running around in their little Oompah-Loompah winter suits, covered in mud and trying to make up games that don't involve snow. Poor things....they are casting about for stuff to do but just don't seem comfortable without that white snowy layer they are used to this time of year. Little bright red, blue and green human puff balls is what they look like, so cute. One kid is beating a rock with a stick. I guess the Viking instincts carry on thru the millennia!

I am off to Paris tomorrow, will try to post whilst I am gone, but not sure if I will have time. I'm only there for the weekend. Wish me luck and lots of yummy red wine!

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  1. Have a GREAT trip, good luck, and may you slosh many yummy glasses of red wine! :)


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