Thursday, February 17, 2005

Friday Q: Distance

FQ TOPIC: Distance.

FQ1: What's the furthest North you've been on this world? What were you doing there?

Norway. I live here. It's pretty far north. Check out this cool globe website to see.

FQ2: What's the furthest South you've been on this world? What were you doing there?

Farthest, I was gonna say Egypt or Morocco, but it looks like it's Mexico. Specifically Palenque, Merida, Cancun. I went there in middle school for field trips for my Spanish classes. Bringing forty 13 year olds to Mexico? Big mistake! WE drove Senora Simon crazy. "Ay Julia!"

FQ3: Where were you born, and what's the furthest you've been from that spot?
Born in Houston, TX. I guess Egypt is furthest. Though Norway is pretty far too. Hoping to get to Thailand this summer.

FQ AWAY: Name a blog you read that's the most distant from you... whether it be emotionally, culturally, religiously, or by physical location.

Furthest distance wise, is Ben's Blab (see links, to the left). He's in Australia. Though Dave at Blogography is pretty far away in Washington State, now that I look.
Religiously? And culturally, actually, I found this blog of one of the finalists from a previous America's Next Top Model show. She was the religious one. Well one of them. Man, reading it just gives me the heebie jeebies. I am all for faith, but this is kind of over the top.
Emotionally, I feel very far away from Karla May, my dear friend in Austin who is going thru so much right now, and I feel horrible that I am so far away and can't just be there for her. Take her out, get her a beer, talk and commiserate, you know? Part of me will never understand the depths of what she is feeling, and part of me feels it right along with her. It's really hard to feel so useless.

That's it? I'm done? Wow that was easy.

My aunt and uncle are here so I might be sporadic in my postings, but they are blown away by our house, our fjord view and the prices of food in Norway. They brough us so much food from the UK we might not have to go grocery shopping for weeks. So nice to have them here!

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  1. Correction to my post: Reykjavik, Iceland is the furthest north I have been. Oops!


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