Thursday, February 10, 2005

I have perpetrated a miracle

Digression: Grammatically is it possible for one to perpetrate a miracle? Ah, well, semantics, schmemantics. Whatever, I did one. A miracle, that is.

I, Karla, The Texpatriate, Future Dominatrix of The World**, She of the Fifty Pound Suitcase and 16 Black Skirts, have packed everything I need for a weekend in Paris....into a backpack.

Not even a big one, but a medium sized, sassy red Fila backpack.

(Julia? Julia in Austin? Are you ok? Did you pass out? I know, you thought this day would never come. Heather, give Julia some smelling salts! She's plotzing!)

A backpack! A freaking backpack! Me! A backpack! Paris! People, this is big news!

I think I just saw a pig fly.....and was that a monkey that just flew out of that guy's butt?

**plans in progress, Media Control Phase One initiated

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