Friday, February 25, 2005

Friday Q, and I am a cranky assed bitch on wheels

FQ TOPIC: Collectable.

FQ1: Are you a collector? If so, what are some of the things you collect?
I am indeed a collector. I collect lots of stuff, some in big collections, some not so big. Things I collect include:
Books about fashion, specifically American designers of the 30's thru the 50's, and fashion photography books. Also books about women who were arbiters of style in the 30's thru the 50's. Some of these books I bought in college for $10 are now worth in the hundreds. Like this one. And this one. And many of these.
30's to 60's ceramics, by companies such as Haeger, Floraline, McCoy, Abingdon, etc. All very strong urn-shaped vases and planters, all got for under $10 each, now sitting on shelves collecting dust and I love them more every day. My collections focuses almost exclusively on white colored items, with no additional color or decor. I like the simplicity of the finish and the graceful shapes.
Vintage jewelry. Shiny pretty fun, yeay! Especially strong bracelets and sparkly brooches, and yes, I collected brooches long before they were trendy.
Random-osity, including things with hands (hand shaped vases and such); blue and white old Royal Copenhagen porcelain; icons and crosses (though I am not remotely religious, iconography is fascinating); jewelry making stuff and beads; Claire McCardell clothes and memorabilia.
I won't even go into Rich's collections of books, antique globes, fossils, Egyptiania and his own random-osities.
Stuff? We gots lots of it.

FQ2: If you could collect anything... no matter how rare or expensive, what would it be?
Anything? I think I would collect Raj and Mughal, Indian jewelry, also alot of different styles of Middle Eastern jewelry. I like bold colors and baroque styling. Hell, just gimme the sparklies, please. I'd also collect a few Citroen 2CV's and a Vespa or two.

FQ3: Looking around you, what is some ordinary, everyday object you possess that would make an interesting collectable 100 years from now?
Many of my clothes and jewelry items would be interesting. Ditto some of my books. Hand written and hand made things. Also maps and globes and images of the world as it is today. Things like that, with a human touch. As we get farther and farther from human interaction in our daily lives, I think things with a human touch will be more and more precious.

FQ RECOMMENDED: Are there any public collections you enjoy (museums, galleries, etc.) that we should know about?
The costumes and jewelry at the V&A, London. What an amazing collection of clothes, from the 15th century on up. Wow, blows my mind every time I see it.

Well that worked out well. I was in a really crabby mood when I started this post (you know when you just start out the day wrong, with annoying news or some little niggling annoyance that just BUGS you?) but I feel much better now having thought about things I love. Thanks, Friday Q!

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