Sunday, July 22, 2007

The way to coordinate your travel...

I have discovered the ultimate way to prepare yourself for travel.

1) Get a laptop that is wireless enabled.
2) Tell your hotel to fuck off with its ten dollar per day internet charges and instead use the money to....
3) Go to Austin Java, get a couple beers and some chips and salsa and use their free internet. Cheaper than the hotel but you also get beers and snacks.
4) Check in to your flight online.
5) Using Seat Guru as your guide, score wicked good exit row seats on both flights. (If you don't use Seat Guru and Trip Advisor as your online traveling pals, all I can say is, why the hell not?)
6) Note that Continental has all bases covered vis a vis printing your boarding passes, so ask the nice people at Austin Java if you can have your passes faxed to them (as faxing is one of the printing options).
7) They say yes and in a matter of minutes you have your boarding pass, beers, chips and salsa and are fucking LOVING life.

Technology RULES.

Today I got to see many friends at the Gospel Brunch at Threadgills (happy b-day Toya! We didn't sing you the birthday dirge, did we? damn!), then me and my bro and Kathy hung out by the pool at the Hyatt, and then I repacked all my crap. I may also have gone to Target and don't you gimme no shit about it, even though I have gone, like, 6 times in a week. Target is mucho fun.

Then I headed over here for the lesson in how to travel well, though it took fucking forever to find a parking space.

Now it's 5 pm and I might head back to the hotel for another round in the pool. It has very nice water jets all around the walls....very soothing.

Do I really have to go home tomorrow? Oh well, at least I have Harry to keep me company.....and a hug when I get home. (Hi Rich!Kiss kiss.)

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