Saturday, July 14, 2007

Holy crap this was the smoothest travel experience I have ever had. The worst thing that happened was that some bitch ran her suitcase over my foot in Oslo when I was getting off the train. And she didn’t say sorry or anything, just ran me over. But if that is the worst thing to happen, no worries. I gave her good glare, she will shrivel and die within days.

I must compliment both KLM and Continental for a flawless flight experience from start to finish. Considering I was flying on Friday the 13th and that I was dreading it, I am really impressed. The flight attendants were nice, the gate attendants were very helpful and even the security people were pleasant to deal with!

To make things even better (besides having exit row and /or bulkhead seats the whole way) was that getting through immigration in Houston and then going through customs was the smoothest I have ever experienced any where (except in Turkey, oddly enough). It took less than 30 minutes to get through immigration, (and most of the time was taken in just getting there, must have been a mile) get my bag and go through customs. I was at the gate with over an hour to spare….and had less than two scheduled for transfers, etc!

Time to board for the flight HOME!!!!!!!

9pm same day, arrived in Austin, update:

Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky? Not me. Getting my rental car? Well, I had signed up for a free upgrade on the car though Continental at Alamo. When I got there, the car I was supposed to get was not available, so they upgraded me. Then, the car I got, had something wrong with it where the windshield wipers would NOT turn off, so they upgraded my upgraded upgrade.

So look at me driving a very sweet little Volvo something or other with sunroof and all mod cons. Fucking SWEEET!

And yeah, my luggage made it and the chocolate did not melt.

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