Saturday, July 21, 2007

Ok ,well where to start.

Um…I checked into the Hyatt on Friday evening and holy crap did I make the right decision on the hotel. The building itself is fairly unprepossessing, but once you get into the room, you are surrounded by this cush luxury all in shades of warm brown, with these fluffy billowy white beds. It’s like being in an Oreo. And the beds? Oh the beds. I think I will buy one of these beds when we come home. They sell them, you know.

And it would totally be worth the 1500 they charge for the king sized (hell in Norway that’s CHEAP.) The bed manages to be firm yet incredibly soft, a good level of support with a sinky softness that just makes you want to spend all your time in it. Add down pillows, down duvet and high thread count bed linens….ah nirvana.

Plus I have a big flat screen tv.

Damn it’s nice being a grown up sometimes.

Oh and I didn’t mention the best part: huge picture window with view of downtown Austin. Spectacular. Color me happy.

A couple of weird things: there is no mini bar or fridge and they didn’t give me any shampoos or lotions. Sort of a bummer, as I wanted to see what I’d get. Not really a problem as I am sort of a shampoo/conditioner/shower gel whore and so am stocked might well, but still.

Friday night we had the girl’s night and had a good turn out. We had our own room upstairs at Opal’s and that was probably a good thing as we were LOUD. Hollering, laughing, belching (well, ok that was just me, I obviously am a pig) drinking and, most importantly, eating all sorts of fattening foods. I think we scared other people from coming upstairs. Our waitress was KICK ASS and somehow managed to put up with all our loudness and many many beers, and then at the end she actually managed to give us all SEPARATE checks! Which to me is nothing less than a miracle, there were about 12 of us. (Oh and Badger, you seriously overpaid….I owe you some money.)

Most people left by 11, but me, Bookhart, Patty, Kate and Valerie managed to soldier on to a place called Tiny’s that is pretty new. It was ok, but I think it’s having some growing pains. It will get better over time. Mostly they need to get the beer cooler to actually keep the beer COLD as opposed to sort of coolish. However, they were nice and at one point, when it started to rain, they actually put up a tent over us girls, and thence called it the VIP table, which was cute. Of course, once the tent was up, it stopped raining.

Bookhart and Valerie made it to 12:20 or so and then called Uncle, but me, Patty and Kate carried on over to Mean Eyed Cat and had another beer and chatted for a little longer. I got back to the hotel at 2:30. Of course I texted everyone in Norway…”Hey I’m drunk and you are just waking up!” Stupid shit like that.

Today I got up earlier than I had wanted (large picture windows also let in light, and I know there are black out curtains but with a view like I have it’s a shame to close them) and went to Austin Java on Second street for breakfast and free wireless (I fucking well refuse to pay for wireless in hotels. It should be included in the cost of the room, like the water or tv). Austin Java has great food, and the wireless is a nice bonus. I saw an old friend there (Austin is still, for all its growth, a small town). After breakfast I went to a couple of book stores, and scored me a copy of Harry Potter.

Woo! I got Harry Potter! The hard part is that I have sworn to myself that I am saving it for the plane ride home. And it is REALLY hard not to crack it open. And if any of you even THINK of spoiling it for me, I will personally reach through this computer and rip your fingers off. And I moderate comments, anyhow, so can do a digital version of covering my ears and yelling “lalalalalalala” as I erase your comment, so there.

Anyhow, after getting my Harry, I came back and napped in the incredible won’t-let-you-escape bed while waiting for my brother and his girlfriend Kathy to arrive. I guess you won’t be surprised when you hear it became a three hour Nap Extravaganza.

Finally caught up with Kit and Kathy (who was wearing a very pretty red and white dress) at 7, and we went to eat Mexican food at this new place, Cantina Laredo or something. Surprisingly good. The margaritas were very strong. We hung out for a while afterwards, and now I am back in the room, watching a rerun of SNL that has that Dick in a Box song. Hilarious. Justin Timberlake is funny, who knew?

So now, if you will excuse me, I am getting sucked into the Bed of No Escape (That Is Not Such A Bad Thing). Aaaaaahhhh….luxurry.

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