Sunday, July 29, 2007

The laser eyes part two

Do y'all remember this post? I wrote it a while back? It was strangely predictive of my new knowledge of the laser eyed Norveigs. NOW I realize that The Mouse is, indeed, the Great Mother of all the Aliens of Norweig. She is the source of the power and all must adore Her.

So, anyhow, I showed the letter to some folks at the pub, and after the expected "What the fucks?" upon reading, we all have made a decision.

One evening we are all going to dress in similar outfits (maybe, like cargo pants and black t shirts with big red X's on the back) and then go bow down before The Mouse.

We'll take a picture of us all worshipping Her, and then, in "post production" we'll Photoshop lasers shooting from the eyes at us. We'll send it to the lady who wrote the letter, with just two short sentences:

We Are the Norweig. We Know About You.

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