Friday, July 27, 2007

Today is a two post day

I am doing two posts because the other one will be SO STRANGE I really don't want to put anything other than the one main topic in there.

So first this one.

Holy crap, y'all, it's been hard getting back into my Norwegian routine.

1) It's done nothing but RAIN. Rain and be COLD.

2) I have this funky eye infection or something, my eyes are dry and itchy and gummy in the morning. Like pink eye but not so bad. Anyhow, I feel REALLY attractive, and have discovered that if I don't wear mascara enough days in a row my eyelashes become strawberry blonde.

3) I haven't gone to work because of the eye infection, because of eyestrain on the computer and if it IS pink eye I for sure don't wanna spread it around the office. So I am REALLY bored.

4) Finished Harry Potter. Had to draw it out and make myself not finish it all at once. I think she ended it really well, but I also feel like I have lost a family or something. I mean, that's alot of years of anticipation of the new books coming out, you know? And now that is gone. No more Harry. I am unaccountably sad about it.

5) Which, all of the above? EXPLAINS MY HORRENDOUS SLEEPING SCHEDULE AND THE FACT THAT I DID NOT CRAWL OUT OF BED UNTIL 12:30 TODAY. I mean, shit, no Harry to read, rain and gooey eyes...what's the point?

Coffee. I need coffee.

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