Wednesday, July 18, 2007

rawkin' and shawpin'

My activities have been thus:
  • visiting friends
  • admiring all my friends' progeny, of which there are many. So many cute kids, and I enjoy each and every one of them very much, but I also have to say I kind of enjoy knowing I can go home and not have little nippers hanging on my legs. Not that I don't want kids, but if it does not happen (as it seems not to be) I can see the advantage of being the Funky Cool Aunt. (Or Goofball, as the Geej so eloquently pegged me last night.) (Very prescient three year old, is she. I try so hard to be fabulous, but I am always gonna be a goofball.)
  • drinking beers (though I have not been drinking much, actually, come to think of it)
  • eating foods that I crave, to last me for another 6 months, like today's belly-poofing lunch at Matt's El Rancho.
  • driving around in my sweet little rental Volvo S40 and cranking the new Lady Sovereign cd. I forgot how much I love driving around and listening to music. I used to do 75% of my music listening in the car. Only place I can get it loud enough to really rock out, plus I am an excellent chair dancer.
  • shopping.....oh my fugging God how much do I love Target? I mean, it's like H&M but better because the clothes are actually better quality, fit and fabrics, and then you can go get a bag of Cheetos, some tampons, Tylenol and DVD's, all in one easy to navigate place. Nirvana, pure and simple. It seems my shopping goes in one of only two directions: very cheap or quite expensive. This goes in a ratio of approximately 50 to 1, in favor of cheap. But today I hit Last Call also and got some sweet higher end stuff, like a $500 jacket that I paid $75 for.
  • catching up on appointments, business matters and general "takin' care of stuff on the home front" activities. Tomorrow I have a 7am dentist appt. Oy.
Tonight I am meeting up with the lovely authoress of Toxomaman for a drink and a catch up.

By the way, here's some news from Norway. How many news articles can you remember reading that make reference to "enormous farts"?

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