Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Today I went and saw the latest Harry Potter movie. AWESOME! So good, and the acting has really improved among the lead characters, so kudos to them.

My favorite movie snack is popcorn (natch) with a Hawaiian Punch. I loves me the fruity red goodness. So I ordered the medium popcorn, because hey, splurge, and small drink. When the girl handed me the drink I said, "Um, no, I ordered a small". She's all like "That IS the small". And I'm all, "Wait, that TUB of drink is a small?" And she's all, "Yep. If you want to swim I can get you a large."

I mean, HOLY CRAP! The small is bigger than the biggest big you can get in Norway at any 7-11, movie theatre or fast food stand. The small is so big I am still having to pee 4 hours later.

I loves me some Hawaiian punch! Just maybe not in bucket sizes.

Then I went to Best buy and bought a cd by Lady Sovereign (Bookhart introduced me to her and I was BLOWN AWAY) and the latest Marilyn Manson. Because, you know, I like to RAWK, yo.

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